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BETHLEHEM LUTHERAN CHURCH: | Mason City, Iowa USA | Pastor Mark Lavrenz


MP3 Sermon Broadcasts

Sermons On-Line:
Now, you can listen, read, study, worship, and download weekly Christian sermons in MP3 format. Whatever neighborhood or continent you call home, sermons can be heard on-line via the link from the Lord's golden microphone.

Cyber Lutheran:
There are many reasons to become a "Cyber Lutheran". Moved to another State? Are you a traveler or reside abroad? In the military? Does illness or weather keep you at home? Bad hair day? This website was designed to serve you. The Internet Age has enhanced the traditional concept of a neighborhood church. A Cyber Lutheran can find the Words of Jesus Christ as near and conveniently as a computer.

Join Us:
You are invited to join the cyber congregation of Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Mason City, Iowa. Sermons direct from the Heartland of America. No frills, no cathedrals of crystal, no Hollywood personalities. No traffic, no decisions about what to wear. Not even a collection plate if you're a dollar short this week. As is the Lord, Open 24/7. Here you will find the path to Salvation.


Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Mason City, Iowa


Christ Is Risen
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